Friday, July 25

Final moments in Finland

Less than two weeks left until take off! I woke up in a sweat on Wednesday morning, and not just because of the heat wave. I realized we had exactly two weeks left in Finland, and while we've pretty much gotten everything sorted, I started panicking that maybe there was something we'd completely forgotten?! In a way I feel too well prepared. There are a couple things to take care of still, I need to go to the bank to sort out my insurance and student loans. And then the packing of course... What the hell do I pack?! I need both summer and winter clothes, and shoes....? I've planned what snacks I'll bring on the plane better than what items I'll actually pack in my suitcase, ha.

My last weeks in Finland have mostly revolved around work, which in a way is good, because I really do need to save up money for the next half year. At the same time though, the weather is so nice, I really feel like I should be taking advantage of it! I had the past two days off, and went to our summer house for (maybe) the last time this summer. It was nice to see my parents and (two of) my sisters. Last night we got to go see a sneak preview of a new Finnish movie called Kesäkaverit (Summer Friends) produced by my dad's cousin. The movie is set and filmed in Hanko, which is where our summer house is located as well, and where the screening took place. It was such a cute, summery, easy-going film. :) Definitely a nice contrast to many Finnish movies that tend to be sort of dark and depressing for some reason......

I also realized I never actually posted a picture of my tattoo, which I got in October, done by Leena Lumilampi @ Bonafide Helsinki. I guess I could add that to this mismatched post as well :)

I leave you with this. My own little wind-up bird in it's natural habitat (my back, ahhah).

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  1. My only tip for you at this point: do NOT pack too much! You'll end up buying clothes and things you want to keep anyways, so pack as lightly as you can. I was told this before I left for my exchange, but I still packed too much. It was hell coming back: I had so much stuff and I ended up throwing away some things I had brought from Finland.



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