Friday, September 19


The main building, SLTC (Student Learning & Technology Center), 
that's where we eat and hang out.

I don't even know where to begin. I feel like I've already been here so long, so much has happened! I'll try to keep this brief(ish), but even choosing photos was hard. I want to tell you guys everything!

Veasey Hall is my dorm. Woop!

More Veasey.

What you see when you step out of Veasey. 

Veasey lobby

So you get the idea! It's all super pretty, and everything looks the same, ha. First thing when we got here, I knew I was gonna get lost. And what do you know, first night, Joel and I got lost. It was all fine in daylight, but once it got dark.... We had no clue where we were. Fortunately after a month of living here, I can say I pretty much know my way around. Our campus is tiny. But did I mention it's also SO FUCKING PRETTY!

Our first week here was busy busy busy, International Orientation from morning till evening. It was fun though, and all of us exchange students got to know each other so well. I love our little international community! The week after that, Freshmen Orientation. This included a lot of alcohol awareness, which felt a little silly to most of us who are on average 2-4 years older than all the freshmen, and come from countries where drinking is allowed 3-5 years earlier than here... 

After all getting all oriented and stuff, we headed off on our respective orientation trips. I ended up canoeing in Northern Arkansas. It was amazing. I wish I had tons of pictures to show you guys, but unfortunately I don't. All I had on the canoe with me was bikini, flip flops, a hat and some water bottles. :D Also my trip got to experience something truly Southern (just kidding, apparently it's not normal here). We were woken up at around 1AM by a bunch of drunk guys trying to ram over our tent with their trucks. The police refused to come (camping sites are private property...) but the camp site owners eventually drove them away and we all get to continue living. Woo!

I do have a picture of our camp fire.

There have been so many events organized around campus, I probably wouldn't even remember half of them if I tried to write a list. But here's Pizza Wars, where the best pizzerias around Conway came to school to compete for the title of Best Pizzeria. 

A lot of pizza has been consumed within the past month.

We've all become accustomed to American life. 

This is Salva from Spain. Who walks around Walmart anyways?!

Pep rally, reppin' Iceland, Finland, Spain and Finland.

Karaoke is not only popular in Japan and Finland. 
Here's Soulé (America), Salva (Spain), David (Austria) and Nicolo (Italy).

Matchy matchy in Hendrix colors! That's me, Babsi (Austria) and Alexandra (Germany).

First football game! Although I had no clue what was going on, we stayed till half time! Impressive.

SHIRTTAILS! Me, Alexandra (Germany), Anna (Austria) and Pauline (France) representing Veasey!

That last photo is from one of my favorite events so far, Shirttails. Every year the freshmen from each hall compete against each other in this huge dance show. The first week of classes was super tough, not only cause of all the new courses at a new school, but because every night we had 2-4 hours of dance practice on top of everything else. An amazing experience though! Veasey unfortunately did not win, although I'm pretty sure we should have. We were awesome. Also there's a video, but you shall never ever see that (unless you're good at Googling).

Anyway, I need to run. Memphis awaits us this weekend!

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