Saturday, October 26

California Dreaming

So I'm sick, again, and unable to sleep.

Watching Awkward on Netflix and thinking about Christmas.

I have no idea where I'm gonna be this Christmas yet. But I can't help going back to last Christmas. I can't believe it's almost a year ago already.

I got so nostalgic I had to turn on our playlist and go through all of the old photos.

I left my heart in San Francisco.

Ok, I'm sorry about the lame clichés, but bare with me. Last Christmas we spent two weeks in California, visiting the places we lived from '99 to '02. This was the second time back since then. The first time, however, was in '04, so almost ten years ago. A decade since I'd last seen old homes, schools and best of all, friends.

This is gonna be long and image heavy.

Carmel beach.

Joel considers a new girl friend...

Somewhere along the 17 Mile Drive.

A slightly awkwardly cute picture of us.

Sea lions!

Monterey Bay, where I wanna grow old.

Jellyfish are my favorite. From Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Moon shining on Monterey Bay.

Dat food. I think I came back about 59 lbs heavier.
 Also where are all my In'N'Out pics?!

Redwoods are HUGE. And people are small. At least my sisters are.

And these are just trees. Think about the universe.

Some more trees for you. You just don't get this in Finland.

How I dressed up for NYE. 
Dress from, shoes from Bianco, necklace from PacSun.

This is how we celebrated Finland turning in to the new year.

And this is how we celebrated at midnight in the Pacific Time Zone.

So before I retire in Monterey, I wouldn't mind living in this house in SF, for example.

View of San Francisco from the ferry to Alcatraz.

Yup. San Francisco is definitely my favorite city in the world.


  1. Oooo....I like the girl friend. So skinny ;)

  2. id be happy to be to California with you just saying.

  3. How cool! Ihania kuvia ja hitsi mikä matkakuume! Täytyykin selata sun blogia eteenpäin. :)

  4. Sun blogii on mahtava lukee!!


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