Tuesday, October 8

Short insta-flavored update

Oolong tea and my orchid.

I was at work from 6am to 12pm yesterday. I took my break at 9am to go sign up for two marketing courses that I was supposed to take. Slightly surprised when I was unable to sign up for the other one, I hadn't realized my rights for that course ran out in December. I signed up through the open university, but there's only 5 spaces through that, and I'm currently 7th in line. 

Getting ready before last week's party. My dress is from Brandy&Melville, my shoes from Nelly.

Oh well, I have Chinese and that other marketing course anyway. Oh wait, they overlap. Two courses for an entire period, and they overlap. The marketing lectures are 4 hours long, so they only partly overlap, but I'm hoping it's not like a 2 hour lecture followed by a 2 hour group exercise or something, because the second half of each lecture I should be in Chinese class.

Going to work at 5.46am.

Well, having lectures only twice a week in the afternoon means I have plenty of time to work! Except I still haven't found a more permanent job. This job is only for a week and a half. And it means a week and a half of skipping lectures...

Meatless month continues: Garden Party pizza with artichoke, tomato, goat cheese, rucola.

I signed up for a Justin Timberlake fan club in order to be able to buy presale tickets. Well apparently presale doesn't include the floor, and you can only buy up to 4 tickets with the code. Oh, and those tickets need to be in different sections of the arena. Makes sense? :D Maybe I just got there too late.


  1. Love the food shots! xxx


  2. I just can't get over how amazing that first shot is. AMAZING!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. Ur dress is adorable! And the pizza....omg, looks delicious!




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