Sunday, September 29

Fall coat

Like I already said, it's gotten incredibly cold in Finland in the past week or so. What made it even worse was leaving 22C in Munich and landing in a 9C Helsinki that same evening. Even my leather jacket isn't enough to keep me warm in the mornings when the temperature is just barely on the plus side of the scale. Still, I refuse to go fish out my winter coats and wear them. So what now?!

Well, my grandparent's happened to have a garage sale this weekend, and I stopped by yesterday for a while (and saw my little cousins and my aunt and uncle who I haven't seen since we left for Munich in May, probably?!). This amazing floral coat happened to catch my eye, and I got to take it home --- for free!

It is the perfect thickness for this weather! It's thicker than my other fall jackets since it's got a bit of a lining, but it's not as thick and overpowering as my winter coats. And I'm in love with the pattern! The shape and the size are amazing as well, and it doesn't have anything extra on it that would ruin its perfectness. Score.

Coat - grandma's / Jeans - Dr. Denim / Shoes - Vans / Bag - Ois / Scarf - Joel's (Dressman?)

Also love the HDR setting on the new iOS 7. You can actually see the clouds and the blue sky in the last pic. 

Now back to some last minute studying. I have exactly two courses at uni right now, Chinese and gender studies. I don't have a job. Yet I still manage to leave all my studying until the last minute, and half of my homework I just end up skipping. WHY?! I need to get a grip :D


  1. Cute! Niiiin sun tyylinen. Tsemppiä lukemiseen.

    1. Hehe thanks, Sussunki mielest oli! Ja ei siit lukemisest tullu oikein vieläkään mitään....... :/

  2. I LOVE your coat, especially the fact, that the pattern is typical for autumn or winter.
    And your smile is so cute. :)

    1. Thanks! I thought it was a great find too. :)

  3. schöner blog. deine jacke gefällt mir gut.

    schau doch mal vorbei:


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