Saturday, September 28

Nails & Grotesk

So I've really managed to catch some sort of flu now. Honestly, I'm never sick. Like properly. I get minor colds that never really develop in to proper illnesses every now and then, but usually they don't really affect me. The last time I remember being actually really, properly sick was in 2009 or something, right before we left for Shanghai to look at houses and schools for my family. Anyway, yesterday and today I have felt like (for lack of a better word) shit. Which sucks, because yesterday was Joel's birthday, and right now he's out with friends at Adam's, where I was supposed to go as well. I also had to miss the first uni soccer game of the season. Not really a big deal, but I was looking forward to it!

I had to go to a lecture yesterday, and in the evening Joel and I went out for dinner, but the time in between I spent at home feeling sorry for myself. Which is when I decided to paint my nails.

I've been seeing a lot of white nails lately, and I like it! So on our last trip to Munich I went out and got Essie's Blanc. In Finland Essie polishes cost around 16e a pop if I remember correctly. In Munich they're around 8e. Half the price, no jokes. Insane.

Except on our last day, feeling maybe a tiny bit fragile from the day before which was spent at Oktoberfest, I just ran through DM quickly picking out whatever products I wanted to bring home. When I got to my parents, I realized I never actually checked what the bottle of nail polish said, I just grabbed the first one in the "Blanc" row. And what do you know, someone had placed the wrong bottle in the row, which I then bought. This one, called Allure, was also white-ish, but really sheer. Whatever, I did a white-ish sheer matte manicure. Ignore the really bad job on my ring finger. I never really do much to my nails except for the occasional normal manicure, but I was thinking I could maybe combine these two whites and make a solid to sheer gradient? We'll see.

Moving on to more about last night. A few weeks ago I spotted a nice deal on Groupon again, 48e for a three course meal for two people at Grotesk, a very nice restaurant in the center of Helsinki that would otherwise be a little out of our price range. 

The menu included in the deal was a surprise chef's menu that started out with a creamy, slightly sweet corn soup with some slow cooked lamb. This was definitely my favorite, even though everything we had was great!

Main course was slow cooked veal with a crispy top, hollandaise and a potato croquette. Joel had some mushroom puree under his veal, but since I asked for no mushroom (I honestly just can't, I've tried, but I can't), I had a beet puree that was amazing. This course was pretty heavenly as well.

And finally, for dessert there was redcurrants with redcurrant sorbet, chocolate ganache and milk chocolate mousse. I think. It was good, but I'm not really a dessert kind of gal. I prefer savory foods to be perfectly honest! But I still managed to dig in with such appetite that I forgot to take a photo, which is why you have a picture of Joel's dessert and red wine stained table cloth. Not my fault! I think.

It was definitely a good birthday dinner, and I would not mind going back at some point. I need to remember to keep my eye out for amazing deals like this more often on Groupon!

Now for some more CSI and tea in bed. Sniff.


  1. Your meal looks so delicious, and I am loving your nail color. xx

    1. Thanks! I wish dining out was more affordable in Finland so that we could do it all the time.... Maybe one day :D


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